FTL tips

We are not responsible if these tips cause your ship to implode/explode.
  • Use Cloaking after enemy weapons have fired so that they miss.
  • Upgrade Shields as soon as possible; many early-sector enemies can’t get through 2 shields.
  • Any of your crew inside the medbay will be healed, they don’t have to be standing still.
  • Upgrade your Doors early on if your ship has trouble dealing with boarders.
  • 2 Zoltans in a shield room leaves one unionizable shield - Zoltan power ignores ions.
  • The enemy AI considers Shields the most important system.
  • With Rock C, naming the Crystal “Ruwen” gives you a quest marker in the Rock Homeworlds. This leads to the Crystal sector.
  • Upgrade your engines!
  • You can teleport mind controlled enemy crew onto your own ship, and then kill them.
  • Dropping your shields before an ion blast hits might make it hit somewhere unimportant instead of knocking down shields.
  • Boarding gets you more loot.
  • The Flagship has 3 separate stages.
  • A Defense Drone I can often be better than Cloaking - assuming you have Shields.
  • Firing two missiles can overwhelm a single defense drone.
  • To unlock the Crystal Cruiser:
    1. Get the Damaged Statis Pod from a Dense Asteroid Field.
    2. Find some Zoltan scientists asking to take readings, and get them to open it.
    3. Go to the Rock Homeworlds.
    4. Find the quest marker and activate the portal.
    5. Find the quest marker in the Crystal sector. Then you get the ship, along with some loot.
    6. Brag to all your friends, shouting things like “HAHA, I unlocked the Crystal Cruiser!”
  • Most stuff doesn’t need to be on all the time - oxygen can stay off for a while, you barely ever need your medbay and engines/shields only need to be on just before a volley (though shields significantly before). In summary, be good at power management.
  • Don’t constantly stay 100% repaired (from shops) as free/cheap repairs come along frequently.
  • Hostile sectors provide more loot.
  • If a ship jumps away, you can jump before it does and skip the penalties (they often lead the fleet after you, etc).