On Phones

My (probably unpopular) opinions on smartphones today
  • Why notches? WHY? Just because Apple used them doesn’t mean every single manufacturer needs to start making their screens have ugly black bits on them.
  • Really, why Apple at all? They sell uncustomisable and locked-down stuff at higher and higher prices with fewer and fewer nice-to-haves (e.g. headphone jacks) each year. And the vendor lock-in (Lightning headphones, iVersionsOfMostOtherSoftware) is also bad.
  • It would be nice to not have battery life ruined to get slightly slimmer phones.
  • The complete lack of updates after a year or so is annoying. Custom ROMs kind of fix this but many aren’t available (or even aren’t possible due to locked bootloaders) on many devices. This is probably just planned obsolecence.
  • Most of the stuff manufacturers preload (their own UI skinning, apps) is just useless bloat. Especially the preloaded, unremovable Facebook apps which are annoyingly common.
  • The lack of SD card slots is, again, probably just planned obsolecence.
  • Proper physical QWERTY keyboards would be nice, though as they’re such a niche feature that’s probably never going to happen except on a few phones.