Privacy Information

What data is collected and what it's used for.

When you use this website, the following information is stored until the end of time in our nginx logs:

  • requesting IP address
  • time of request
  • request method
  • request URL
  • request HTTP version
  • response status code
  • response length
  • referrer header
  • user agent header

(or whatever else is logged by default…)

This is used for analytics purposes and/or laughing at things attempting exploits.

When you use this website’s git hosting, and sign in, this data may also be stored:

  • anything you input (including, probably, name, email and password (hashed))
  • This is, obviously, used to allow signin.

When you use the comment system, this data will also be stored:

  • your comment
  • your email/name/website (optional)

This is used to display and provide authorship information abpit comments. The comment system also temporarily saves a cookie when used, in order to allow you to delete/edit your comment.

If you want your data to be deleted, please email me at and I will attempt to do so, unless your request is unverifiable or ridiculous.